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TELEVIZEME (HOT OFF THE NET...the Anti-Social Network


We are a computer service specializing in advertising, promotion and marketing that encourages digital content creators to promote products and services. We have the right to refuse service.  This is a promotional, advertising, and marketing service.

The process is reactive. That means that we do not censor or pre-approve broadcasting that is to be aired. It has neither the mandate nor the resources to do so and such pre-approval would likely be considered offensive to FREEDOM OF SPEECH, to whom it might appear to be a form of censorship. In any event, broadcasters are expected to make their programming choices in conformity with the existing standards. If a complaint is made about an actual broadcast which has offended a viewer or listener, the we will be called upon to verify the intention and motivation of the broadcaster. If you do not have a video of the day we will upload one of our choice.


We do not own any content that is submitted and we love sharing your videos! We play videos you submit. Viewers Discretion is advised. Watch at your own Risk! Content is shared and we do not share the views of the broadcaster.  All content should be submitted with the intention to be shared on all outlets we access. We do not own the rights to any of this content nor do we wish to. Network Channels are virtual, viral, online, rectangular shaped buttons that transmit digital content online for marketing, advertisement and entertainment services and/or purposes.  No refund after 24 hours. Our distribution and processing center will have a network agent contact you via email. Viewers discretion is advised. Watch at your own risk. 18 and over preferred. no contract, month to month.

*no porn

no profit is made on submission of videos.

Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works . Software coming soon .

 1. No porn

 2. Freedom of Speech valued

 3. Freedom of hate banned

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